Wenger Posture Chairs for Musicians in Elementary Schools

MEF and the Madison Music Association co-funded a grant to purchase 75 Wenger Posture music chairs for the strings and orchestra programs at all three elementary schools.

According to the manufacturer, Wenger Posture chairs help duplicate the body’s natural standing position. The musician’s hips are slightly forward, putting the spine in its strongest, most naturally comfortable position. The rib cage is raised as though a person were standing, giving the diaphragm unobstructed movement.

MMA President Helen Raymaker says, “When young musicians are just starting out, the way in which they hold their body ties directly to the sound they produce.  These posture chairs promote a straight back unlike folding chairs, which cause kids to slouch.  We are thrilled that MEF has partnered with the Madison Music Association to help purchase these chairs.”  More than 275 students in all three elementary schools will use these chairs each week.

Laurie Quinlan, Elementary Strings and Band Director, adds, "Teaching our students correct playing technique is part of our instrumental music curriculum.  The purchase of additional posture chairs will supply each elementary school with the proper chairs to seat the members of their bands and orchestras at all ensemble rehearsals and concerts.  This will allow the students to carry over to performances what they learn in their small group lessons."