Skype Author Visit at MJS

Technology helped bring authors into MJS classrooms, without the time and expense of travel. A few years ago, MEF bought web cameras to enable this type of innovation.

Here's what we heard about one of the recent virtual visits to 6th grade Language Arts classes.

"The Skype author visits went beautifully. A major component of the Writer's Workshop model used in our Language Arts curriculum is to teach students to model their own writing on the novel and authors we study in class. To give the students the opportunity to interview these authors about their methods or writing is invaluable."  ~ Teacher Liz Rosica

"They were an excellent audience - good questions, good behavior." ~ Author Jeanne DuPrau

"I liked that Ms. Duprau likes to take walks when she gets stuck. What I didn't know about the book was that she wrote it twice! The first time she just didn't like it and then the second time she just loved it!" ~ Student Natalie A.