Prior Grants

45 grants~ $86,000


  • Solar cars and wind generators (MJS Grade 6)
  • Interactive Smartboard software (MJS Grades 6,7,8)
  • NBS News Archives on Demand ((MJS Grades 6,7,8)
  • Speaker systems for classroom PC/DVD equipment (MHS)
  • Robotics Club Materials (MHS)
  • High Speed Cameras for Physics (MHS)

Language Arts

  • Expanded Language Arts book collections (CAS, KRS, TJS Grades 2-5)
  • Graphic Novels (TJS, Grade 4)
  • Skype author visit (MJS Grade 6)
  • Writing Workshops: Memoir Writing and Look for the Hook (MJS Grade 7)
  • Enrichment Books (MJS Grades 6, 7)
  • Poet visits with Taylor Mali Fall 2010 and BJ Ward Fall 2011 (MHS)¬†

Performing and Visual Arts

  • Quintet of electric strings for music students (All schools, Grades 4-12, co-funded with Madison Music Association)
  • Specialty velvet paper for art class (MJS Grade 6)
  • Student Mural with artist Dan Fenelon (TJS, scheduled for fall 2011)
  • Art Gallery wall mounting materials (TJS)

Business and Technology

  • Entrepreneur Class Resources (MJS Grade 6 cycle course)
  • Software for classroom PC management ¬†(MHS)

World Languages

  • Flip Cams (All Elementary Schools, MHS)
  • Smartboard (MJS, all grades)
  • Digital recorders (MHS)

Additional Technology Resources

  • FM Amplification system one classroom pilot (KRS, Grade 3)
  • Document cameras (CAS Media Center, KRS Grade 5, MJS various classrooms & special services)
  • Table PC Software (CAS Special Services)
  • Webcams (CAS, KRS, TJS, MJS)
  • Electronic Paper for Smartboards (Grades 6-8 specific teachers in pilot)
  • E-Research collection (MJS Media Center)
  • VBrick steaming video technology (MJS school-wide, funded in partnership with PTO)
  • iPAD pilot for Tech Ranger (MHS Tech Ranger