Poet BJ Ward visits Madison High School

A member of our grant team observed Mr. Ward's visit in October 2011....
"I was able to watch BJ Ward work in the media center with a mixed age group from two classrooms.  He "worked the room" with funny stories, his own recitation of vivid imagery poetry, inspirations from his life, and playfulness with the students and teachers.
As he shared a poem (not written by him), you watched the kids laugh, take time to follow the deeper emotions the recitation drew out of the crowd and just the sheer inspiration to want to write or even think you could write. At that point he wrote the first line of a poem and had all the students finish writing the poem over the next few minutes.  (I wrote mine and have since added to it! ) His style of making poetry accessible, just stays with you.  I saw one student in the room later and asked what she thought.  She said 'I saw him three times today and I loved him every time'.
I promise you, it was money well spent!"