Grant Guidelines

What fits the Foundation’s scope?  MEF funds educational enrichment. It seeks grant requests from Madison Public School teachers, administrators or staff members that…

  • Link directly to Madison Public Schools’ mission and curriculum
  • Enhance existing curriculum or instruction
  • Expand educational experiences of students
  • Apply innovative teaching or learning methods (including select professional development)

MEF encourages grants that include…

  • Collaboration/partnering across teachers/departments/schools
  • Opportunities for recipients to share learning with colleagues
  • Pilots that can be expanded or replicated if successful

What is generally outside MEF's scope?  A grant request that is for…

  • Furniture or facilities infrastructure/improvements
  • Classroom consumables (e.g. paper, markers)
  • A program initiated or overseen by people other than employees (e.g. parents, administrators, PTOs)
  • After-school or lunch clubs without a specific classroom tie-in
  • Salaries or stipends
  • The benefit of an individual student
  • Snacks or food to be served during programs, transportation to or from events​

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