Expanded Libraries at Torey J. Sabatini

MEF continues to meet TJS teacher requests to expand libraries for their youngest readers. 

TJS teachers collaborate and review curriculum to determine what types of books will maximize the student’s reading experience. This year, grants were approved to provide: a wider variety of fairy tales to keep students engaged during the “Fairy Tale” unit; multiples of the same books to encourage group reading within the classroom and other classes; multi-cultural books to fit the changing classrooms; a wider range of reading levels to engage all reading levels from Reading Level C–O; Math Start books to enhance the Common Core Math Curriculum showing students that Math can cross over into stories.  Teacher feedback reinforces the importance of these grants….”Our objective is for each student to develop a positive relationship with books. Because this may be the earliest experience with reading for some children, it is important to engage them with books that can satisfy their level of learning and also provide interest. Because both of these factors vary widely at this age, there is a need for a large quantity of books.”