Creating a Makerspace at the Madison Junior School

An MEF grant will help the Madison Junior School create a Makerspace.

The goal of this grant is to pilot two types of robotics, Ozobots and Cubelets as the start of transitioning the MJS Media Center into a Makerspace. Sara Reichel, MJS librarian, says the mission of the Makerspace is to encourage inquiry, exploration, and creativity by using technology, problem solving, and creating with a purpose.

The Ozobots are programmed using a visual method of lines and colors. The Cubelets are magnetic and can be combined in different ways to perform different tasks, such as light and movement. Both the Ozobots and Cubelets include lesson plans relating to the common core for both Math and Science. The goal is to gradually integrate these types of programs into the school day so that teachers can bring their classes to the Makerspace and utilize these programs to enhance their curriculum lessons through hands on learning.  All students at MJS will have access to these tools.